Becoming a National and International Exemplar

As we have already stated, over the past 40 years, Milton Keynes has become a world-wide exemplar of a planned city. Visitors come from all over the world to see the city and learn from the original design intent.

The council is determined that this reputation will be maintained and enhanced, and that Milton Keynes will become as well known internationally for its leadership in the field of ultra-low carbon vehicles and environmentally friendly transport solutions, as it is in the field of urban design and town planning.

The proposed Go Ultra Low City Scheme provides a further major strand in the overall holistic low carbon living aspirations of Milton Keynes and will link seamlessly to other plans for city-wide electrification of public transport and taxis. Dissemination around the Go Ultra Low City Scheme will therefore benefit from ongoing activities such as the city’s involvement in the UK Autodrive autonomous and connected vehicle programme which already has a strong programme of national and international dissemination activities.

Most of the activities aimed directly at increasing the EV uptake in Milton Keynes will be directly transferable to other areas, albeit that Milton Keynes has the advantages of a population who are used to and welcoming of innovative schemes together with an established estate of EV charging posts. Similarly, the outputs from the innovative elements of the scheme will be directly transferable to other areas with similar needs.

In its work to date with EVs and EV infrastructure, Milton Keynes has demonstrated the long-term commercial sustainability of its innovations, with wirelessly charged electric buses and its estate of charge posts successfully migrated from initial innovation to commercial operation.

Milton Keynes plans to co-host an international conference around the theme of innovative urban transport, working with the like-minded cities.

In March 2016, Milton Keynes will begin to host Landor’s annual national Smarter Travel exhibition. The exhibition is accompanied by the Sustainable Transport conference which will provide an excellent opportunity for dissemination and demonstration of the Go Ultra Low City Scheme to a wide, mostly national audience.

Milton Keynes regularly hosts national and international delegations who visit the city to learn from the council’s innovative approach to planning and transport. The city is also regularly invited to take part in formal visits by the UK to other countries. Most recently, the council’s Director of Strategy accompanied George Osborne on his 5-day visit to China (in late September 2015). The Chinese authorities specifically requested that Milton Keynes was represented on the visit following an earlier visit to the city by a delegation from China.