Milton Keynes has lead the way in transport innovation. As part of the Go Ultra Low City programme there will be a number of projects to push the boundaries of intelligent transport further.

Active Network Balancing

A small network will be established to further develop, balance and manage the flow of electricity between the needs of a house and of an electric vehicle to help maximise grid capacity.

On Street Charging

Two demonstrators will be set up. One will demonstrate the use of lamp posts to provide charging to electric vehicles and the other will be to establish a system whereby a whole street can be provided with economical on-street charging.

Charge On the Move

Static wireless charging is nearly ready for market. Semi-dynamic charging provides charging for taxis as they move along a taxi rank. A demonstration will be established in partnership with Qualcomm, Chargemaster and Millbrook.

Domestic Wireless Charging

A number of homes in Milton Keynes will be provided with an EV capable of wireless charging for a period of three months. The homes will be equipped with wireless charging systems and the results and experiences will then be written up and published.