Promoting the uptake of Electric Vehicles

EV Experience Centre

A one stop shop will be established in the Milton Keynes Shopping Centre to display a range of vehicles and to provide impartial advice on the purchase and use of EVs

EV Tsar

A full-time expert has been appointed to run the Experience Centre and wide ranging initiatives promoting the uptake of EVs.

Charging Hubs

EV Rapid Charging Hubs are being established at the Coachway at M1 J14 and in the City Centre.

Parking and Bus Lanes

EVs will be able to use bus lanes in Milton Keynes and also use 20,000 parking spaces free of charge.

Promotion of EV Car Club

A growing number of reserved parking bays will be provided for Electric Car Clubs. A number will also be established so you can "try before you buy".

The Milton Keynes Promise

Milton Keynes will commit to providing a charging point to any resident of the City who buys an EV, either at home or on a nearby street if the buyer does not have off-street parking.

50 New Destination Chargers

Partnering with Chargemaster Plc, Milton Keynes will be providing free charging points for hotels, supermarkets, sports facilities and restaurants.

Information and Signage

Signage will be provided giving motorists clear information on facilities for EVs.

Involvement of Local Businesses

Local businesses will be encouraged to get involved with a fleet advisory service provided and subsidised workplace charging.

A Range of Other Initiatives